Den Jyske Harsh Noise Mafia driver nu et pladeselskab, et not-for-profit kooperativt/foreningsdrevet label.

copy-paste fra en tråd et andet sted på nettet

this is our first batch of releases:

bff001 sloppy pooper “all pooped up/poop is in the air” 5″ - toddler-fronted noisecore

bff004 stol mod stol “tid til fordøjelse i tyk-, tynd- og mellemtarmen” 11″ - musique concrète stuff

bff005 stefan bakmand “stefan bakmand” 9″ - ambient noise dada

10 copies made of each... extreme noise, extreme fun.

yeah, as the music is EXPERIMENTAL, so is the label website: ... ds-Forever ... hitcore%22